Little Remedies to Cure Boredom

Posted on: March 30th, 2014 by firsttimemom

Little Remedies Little remedies DisclosureCollage Growing up, I hardly ever got sick. I attributed my good health to eating my vegetables, especially the green leafy ones. My sister only ate potatoes and corn and an occasional green bean. She stayed home from school much more often. Decades later, my daughter has inherited my health and my appetite. I can count on one hand how many times she fell ill. And if I don’t count fevers tied to teething, the number dwindles even lower. Always full of energy, my daughter is usually running around her kitchen, serving make believe meals or dancing to cartoon theme songs.


When Caitlynn does catch a cold or has an upset tummy, I give her a dose of a Little Remedies® product, and she is back on her feet within a few hours. Occasionally she gets an upset stomach. Perhaps in part from eating everything–this little girl has tried everything from sushi to guacamole. When her stomach gurgles, and with gets gas, I give her Little Remedies® For Tummys™ Gas Relief Drops. It’s a safe remedy to ease tummy troubles and eliminate toots–we think that’s a much cuter way to describe a not so cute act of expelling. Like most moms, I don’t like to medicate my baby. But when I do, I reach for a Little Remedies® bottle. The product line has no artificial color, flavors, alcohol, saccharin or preservatives. There are even formulas for dehydration and constipation!   So, I don’t worry about side effects when treating  her. Instead, I worry about how I’ll entertain her when she’s under the weather. Instead of wanting to watch TV, she wants to snuggle up next to me. More clingy than usual, I like to give her extra attention to make her feel better. We typically do one of four activities.


Celebrate Mister Rogers’ Birthday & Be My Neighbor Day!

Posted on: March 20th, 2014 by firsttimemom

Be My Neighbor Day 1


Diary of a First Time Mom is excited to partner with The Motherhood and The Fred Rogers Company to promote #BeMyNeighborDay. I have received some form of compensation for this campaign. However, all opinions remain my own.  


It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, A beautiful day for  a neighbor, Would you be mine? Could you be mine?

As I sing this song in celebration of Mister Rogers’ birthday today, I yell out, yes! I was in fact Mister Rogers’ neighbor. As a matter of fact, this morning I had a meeting about Kidsburgh at WQED-TV–the PBS affiliate where the man most famous for being friendly taped his television show. When I was two-years-old–the same age as my daughter Caitlynn, I met Mister Rogers in person. I nearly peed my pants with excitement! My aunt, a renowned preschool teacher and good friend of who she called Fred, introduced me. We even shared a snack.


#Naked Moms: Raising Myself While Raising My Daughter

Posted on: March 14th, 2014 by firsttimemom

Dear Diary,


At 16, I thought I was grown. You couldn’t tell me anything! With a driver’s license in one hand and the steering wheel in the other, I took a trip into what I thought was adulthood–even if I had a curfew. At 18, society recognized me as an adult. I was old enough to smoke, even though I never puffed on a cigarette. Well, I did go through a short cigar phase in college. Not one of my proudest moments. I was also old enough to vote and made sure to exercise (and announce) the right my forefathers fought for. And at 21, I could finally use a real ID–a fake one tricked bouncers and bartenders from Pennsylvania to Michigan for several years. When I turned 30, I blew out my candles in Beverly Hills at a swanky restaurant with Bruce Willis sitting at the table beside me. 


But I didn’t really receive a membership into the grown up club until I became a mother. Before then, I still depended on people to do things for me. Not major things, like pay a mortgage or donate a kidney. Rather, move my couch, wash my car or mount my TV favors. Sometimes I would ask my father–or my man–to do something before I even attempted it. Then, I became a single mom. It taught me that I could take care of myself and another human being. I carried a baby and car seat in one hand and grocery bags in the other without struggling or complaining. I assembled cribs, high chairs and play pens without assistance. I still welcome helping hands, but now know my hands are capable of getting the job done.


Growing up I learned that life is a journey not a destination. I don’t have to be a mother, a wife, a homeowner, or any other title by a certain date in time. As a matter of fact, sometimes, growing up means returning to your childhood.  Even though I’m more mature, being a mom has also allowed me to be a kid again. This week alone, I went to the movies to see a cartoon, jumped off a swing at the playground and played hide-and-go seek. 


On the 14th of every month, I’ll be revealing the truth about motherhood with 12 other writers. This month, our theme was MOTHERHOOD & GROWING. Follow the hashtag #NakedMoms, and check out the links below (coming soon!) from the other moms and find out which stories resonate with you the most!





Hey DFTM family–How did you grow as a person when you became a mom?  

New Mom Finds New Ways to Organize

Posted on: March 3rd, 2014 by firsttimemom

Playtex Baby.jpg

Disclosure: Diary of a First Time Mom is excited to be a member of the 2014 Playtex Baby® Mom Trust Panel. I’m teaming up with readers to share stories and review products as part of the compensated partnership. Join the supportive community by clicking the sidebar badge.


When Krystle Gray’s daughter Summer turned three weeks old, she decided to go back to school. She enrolled in college to pursue a bachelor’s degree in child development. Her own child inspired her major. Becoming a mother, in her words, was an  overwhelming experience. But she strived to balance going to school, starting a business, having a family and caring for an infant born with a heart condition called SVT. Since staying organized is so essential to her success, I asked Krystal to review the Playtex™ SmartStand Universal Lid Organizer and the Playtex SmartSpace® Drying Rack.


#CartersSpringStyle Giveaway

Posted on: February 27th, 2014 by firsttimemom

Carter'sI participated in this program on behalf of Carter’s and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own. #CartersSpringStyle


Not long ago, I hosted an award-winning television show in the Cayman Islands.  Today, I’m back home writing a different kind of story as a new mom. Sometimes I reflect on my island life and smile. I miss the white sandy beaches, the crystal clear sea and the laid back living. I didn’t wake up before the sun came up, unless I decided to go sailing or snorkeling. And I stayed up past midnight, most nights of the week. I rarely got home sick, since most of my American friends visited my bungalow on the beach, including my best friend since second grade. A lot has changed since her visit. I became a teacher and a communications director. And I later earner my highest career title–I became a mother. Two and half years later, my bestie is now navigating her first pregnancy. So, I sailed into Carter’s, to shop for her little mate and found these cute catches at the Baby and Kid Up to 50% Off Sale.