Santa’s Workshop is Now Open!

Posted on: December 24th, 2012 by firsttimemom



Dear Diary,


I am anxiously awaiting Christmas this year, especially since Baby C is old enough to independently play with her toys.  She’s not old enough to understand the birth of Jesus Christ or the  spirit of Santa Claus, so for now, I look forward to her enjoying her gifts.  Last night, I recruited a handsome elf to assemble the gift I am most excited about placing under the tree–a kid-sized kitchen.   At school, she is drawn to the domestic play area, and at home, she is connected to my hip as I camouflage carrots and disguise broccoli with macaroni and cheese.


I’m a bit overwhelmed looking at one of the many piles of parts in my living room.




For hours and a bottle of wine later, the base is built.





I decided to take a break.  Well, actually I was only Santa’s little helper–locating screws and handing pieces of wood to the real worker.


photo (1)



The next day, I took a crack at construction.  Took six hours and three Christmas movies!  That also included breaks to make mac and cheese, but not cleaning up.  As you can see, the bag of Mega blocks exploded on the floor.





It’s so nice to be able to put together a Christmas gift right in front of the recipient!

photo (2)


Stay tuned tomorrow to see the final product and if it’s a hit for the little queen of the kitchen!  In the meantime, let us know what you are building this Christmas.